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Feedback - makes the effort all worth while!  Thank you.
"You make my spring come alive with the olive oil. "

"I am in LOVE with your olive oil.  Nothing compares.


"My sister was visiting from Hong Kong, had one taste of your oil and she's hooked.  Says every other oil tastes like water. I'm so greedy about it, that I wouldn't give her any to take back to HK - so she's looking to see if she can at least buy oil from the same region of Greece as your farm is located. If you have any extra containers, I'd love another one!   Next year, I am not splitting mine!"


"Thank you so much, I can’t wait and the certification, wow it is amazing,"


"Mimi: I am trying to save money for my retirement, but I figure your olive oil will help me live longer. So YES – I will order an 18 liter tin with pump this year. "


"Thank you very much for a bottle of your family’s olive oil.  It made my summer tomato salad so much better... Please tell your sister, Mimi, how much I enjoyed a little taste of Greece."

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