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2016 Harvest:

The annual olive oil harvest will be starting soon.   As always,  your olive oil is shipped once a year directly from the press. 


Overall, olive oil production throughout Europe is expected to be down in 2016 due to higher than average temperatures and humidity providing a favourable environment for a number of pathogens, particularly olive fly. While the Peloponese was less affected by weather and insects, the harvest is expected to be lower in quantity than usual.  


The Koroneiko olive in our region is a very hardy specimen and reliably produces an exceptional quality of oil.  Due to anticipated low production this year, we have outsourced to the local press and bought up EVOO from neighbouring groves in December.  Alex has monitored this arrangement. 

For chemical analysis please refer to sectioon EVOO Information/Resources where you will find results from the past 5 years. The primary factor for determining virginity is acidity - in order to qualify as EVOO, acidity must be below 0.8%.


European harvest



Please refer to additional article in EVOO Information/Resources. 

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